Searching for Daylight

At VELUX, we never stop searching for daylight. Along with these renowned architects and building designers, we welcome you on our search — and invite you to join us at our global virtual conference, to discuss how we can build a better future for people and the planet together.

Episode: Reinvention

Louis Becker, Henning Larsen

Can you breathe new life into historic buildings using one simple resource? Louis Becker, Global Design Principle at Henning Larsen, a Danish studio with a legacy of daylight, knows you can. His extension of one of Copenhagen's most renowned art museums all came back to one single thing.

Episode: Healthy homes

Harwil de Jonge, Heijmans Real Estate

We spend 90% of our time indoors. That’s one reason Harwil de Jonge, Director of Heijmans Real Estate, is building homes like ONE, an affordable tiny house, that is not only healthy to live inside, but invites occupants to begin exploring outside again.

Episode: Sustainability

Lasse Lind, 3XN

As an architect, Lasse Lind, GXN, is constantly searching for solutions to the challenges that face the building industry today. Behaviour design and circular sustainability led to The Green Solution House: A building that mimics nature to make sustainability part of the architectural experience.

Episode: Complex simplicity

Stifter + Bachmann

The search for daylight climbs to a peak in the Italian Alps, where Helmut Stifter and Angelika Bachmann have built a one-of-a-kind mountain hut with a view well worth the hike. Here, daylight bridges the gap between complexity and simplicity; nature and design. Watch now, and meet the architects yourself at our digital conference in November.

Episode: Regeneration


The search for daylight continues with EFFEKT architects Sinus Lynge and Kasper Benjamin Reimer. Their latest project Ego to Eco, exhibited in this year’s Venice Biennale, is a living ‘growtable’ that suggests how people and the planet could be connected by buildings that benefit both.

Let’s Build for Life

See Lasse Lind, Harwil de Jonge, Louis Becker any many more presenting and discussing how we build healthier buildings for people and planet from the 2021 Build for Life Conference.

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