Download guides for roof window use and maintenance

Download the care and operating instructions for your roof window as a PDF here. To do this, you need some information that you can find on the type plate of your VELUX roof window.
Roof windows - wood (GGL/GPL/GHL/GLL/GZL/GTL/GXL/GFL)
Roof windows - polyurethane (GGU/GPU/GHU/GLU/GTU/GXU)
Special function (GDL/GEL)
For uninhabited spaces (GVO)
Type design

How to identify your VELUX roof window:

All VELUX roof windows produced after 1968 have a type sign stating exact information about the window. You can find this in the right corner of the top sash, behind the ventilation flap.

1. Type
2. Size
3. Variant
4. Production code